Lately I’ve been feeling geographically impotent. 

Whereas it never used to bother me that I have lived within the same 15 square mile radius my entire life, I am starting to wonder if I have sold myself short by planting my feet and relishing my role as the hometown girl.  With the brothers living at camp for the month, even they have had established broader boundaries than their mother. Granted, they are living somewhere called Kunkletown – but it’s farther away from here than any place I have ever lived.

By “here” I mean the Philadelphia area.  I have moved from town to town within this region but each relocation has never required more than a 20 minute drive.  Most were a bike ride away.   I didn’t even go away for college.  Although I lived at Penn, I could return home anytime I wanted as long as I had the $3.00 bus fare.

Once Dave asked me if I would ever consider moving somewhere completely new.  It was probably years ago, maybe before we even had children.  I answered him with an emphatic “Yes!” …. as soon as my parents, siblings and all my local friends die.  I am what one might call a creature of habit.

At least I can say definitively where I’m from.  That could be construed as unique.  Dave who has lived in the Philly area with yours truly for the last 23 years still considers himself to “be from Rhode Island”.  In fact, I know very few people who have lived here all their lives as long as you don’t count my brother, sister and oldest friend.

But this week I went to Boulder, CO for work which was soooooo cool. 

boulder co 2 boulder co 1 

And last year I spent time in New Mexico where you can see the skyline while turning 360 degrees.  

nm 2 NM1 

Every time I travel I learn something new.  Imagine if you actually lived in many different places.  Imagine how much you would grow.  I can only imagine.

Maybe a new town is somewhere in my future…once the boys grow up … and all you local people that I love so dearly agree to move with me. 

It could happen. 

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