What happens when you put a dozen or so bloggers together and ply them with cheese, wine, spaghetti and cannoli?  Suddenly, I am the quietest person in the room.  Go figure.  Last night I attended the second meeting of the Philly Bloggers.  Suffice it to say that it didn’t take long for our polite, I-have-never-met-you conversation to spiral into the pit of TMI which we all embrace on a daily basis.  And just before we left, I do believe there was a smack down as to who had the worst boobs.  Had the adorable little son of our hostess not been in the room, I’m sure shirts would have come off.

I drove down to South Philly with Jennifer and the Well Read Hostess and we joined everyone at Lora’s (a.k.a. Jakezilla’s) home.  Here is an extremely cool and gracious woman who has her priorities straight for no other reason than EVERY Wednesday she has spaghetti for a group of friends to get together and enjoy one another.  And this Wednesday, she told all of those friends not to show up so that we strangers could invade her home.  Courageous.  I love the idea of Wednesday spaghetti for friends.  I love spaghetti.  Just the word makes me happy.  I want to have Wednesday spaghetti for MY friends.  I just need to ask Wednesday karate, Wednesday baseball, Wednesday workout, and Wednesday blog posting not to show up that night.  Stay tuned.  If I can get rid of these unwelcome guests, I’ll send out the Evite. 

Others in attendance included the bloggers behind I Am Bossy, The New Girl, Simply Nutmeg, Gwen Alison Wonderland, MemegrlKeeping My Head Above Water, Babspeapod, The Domestic Goddess and The Life You Choose

I am not a wall flower by any standard.  But with a dozen “me’s” in the room, I chose to cede the floor and listen, which Dave will tell you I never rarely do.  There were a few occasions last evening when a topic came up that I had blogged about.  In a crowd of non-bloggers, I might have offered the fact that I had au pined on such a subject online but in this crowd that would be strange – because I would have had everyone staring back at me with that “no duh, me too” look. 

All of these women are intelligent and honest and funny and sarcastic and ambitious.  It was humbling to be part of such a group because when you are writing everyday you tend to get caught up in your own underwear and forget that there are others who do a great job of capturing the essence of being in so many ways. 

There are endless styles of blogging; so we are not interchangeable.   Just like people, you come across blogs that you like and can relate to — and others that you may not get.  I may not become fans of every Philly blog, but I am a fan of every Philly blogger for putting themselves out there and taking a little personal risk on a daily basis.  Dinner was great way to get to know some of these brave writers.  Given the amount of navel gazing I do, it was refreshing to look at someone else’s gut, if only for just a short time over a plate of spaghetti.


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