After a summer of utterly brutal heat and stifling humidity, we are enjoying gorgeous early fall days.  Crisp, clear, blue-skied, sunny, and warm-ish.  Perfect, splendid September, we welcome you.

This past weekend I found myself in several iconic Philadelphia locations:  the Pennsylvania Historical Society, Rittenhouse Square and the Phillies ballpark.  Early drafts of the Constitution were on display in the first.  People were pursuing happiness in the second.  And in the third, celebrating a thrilling hometown win with a walk-off home run by Jayson Werth.  As the T-shirt worn by the man in front of me at the Phils game said, “Life is good.”  (That is copyrighted, by the way.)

My brother Jim recently visited from St. Louis.  He’s a good sport, up for anything, from sampling lots of Philadelphia hoagies and cheesesteaks to helping Chris remove window AC units, from hanging out in the city while I had a meeting to visiting our gym with us.

Jim and I also did some quick research on our family at the PA Historical Society.  We found many cards in the catalog with the last name Crabb, including four in a row pertaining to Thomas, Robert, James and William – the names of my brothers and dad.  Good old Anglo Saxon monikers, all.  If we wanted to actually see these letters and documents from the 1700s and 1800s, we could just visit the Society, pay a small fee, write a list of the papers we wanted, and they would be brought to us.  I’m adding this to my list of things to do someday.

As I’ve said in this space before, I always loved summer the most.  Not anymore.  Fall, you are my new best friend.

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