Blogging is a strange experience if for no other reason than people seem to know a lot about you.  Or at least they think they do.  But truth be told, you can’t really know what is really going on with me or Jennifer because there simply isn’t enough space (or the attention span) to offer up everything.

So if you are a reader but haven’t talked to me directly in the last week, you wouldn’t know that I have been under a bit of stress.  Somehow the most important work I will do all year for my job has coincided for the most important writing I will do all year for myself (more on that later I hope).  All of this translates into me sitting at my computer 18 hours a day for the last few, switching off between half a dozen major endeavors.  The fact that my kids haven’t seemed to notice is mildly disturbing but I really don’t have the time to worry about how I am failing as a parent.  Dave has been a gem but I know deep down he really prefers me when I unclench.

Thank Goodness for the Goodwins!  First Bill, for unsuspectingly posting this on his Facebook page (He credits Liz Sokolow Shockley for sharing with him).  By watching this once, every ounce of tension drained from my body and I found my smile.


Why this nevers happens to me in Penn Station is beyond me.

Not to be outdone by her husband, Shawne Goodwin then sent me some of her favorite “feel good You Tubes”, most which I have never seen before.  This first one was amazing.  YouTube is not allowing embedding on this one but click this link:

 Britain’s Got Talent

It’s worth it.  And Laurie over at Walking in My Sleep agrees with me.

And two others from Shawne that really made all the stress go away, if only for a few minutes.  Check out…



You can bitch all you want about how social media compromises the human component of communication but without it, the Goodwins would never have been able to remind me that I, in fact, am part of the human league —  at a time when I desperately needed little cue.


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