Yes MoB readers, we are back!  From the dead.  Because what happened to our website over the last week was nothing short of a death and life experience.  If you are blogger, you know that  your site is not unlike your child.  And when your child is sick, you tend to stop functioning.  You want answers.  You want certainty.  You want experts.  And we got absolutely none of that from our hosting provider Network Solutions.  From Network Solutions we got ticket numbers, escalation promises, and false assurances.  So we panicked and called in the real expert.

Virtually Marj.  WordPress developer extraordinaire.

We love Virtually Marj for the following reasons:

  • She knows her stuff
  • She delivers exactly what she promises on time.
  • She is a human being.

Marj has the perfect combination of extensive technical know how (we know this because sometimes she tells us stuff and we don’t really know what she is talking about) and common sensibility (she will then realize that we don’t understand her and translate into laymen’s terms).  In this particualr case the translation was:  Network Solutions screwed up your website.  Bad.

We put our baby in Marj’s hands and she took tender loving care of MothersofBrothers in record time.  She found our back up and recreated the site at  She changed our emails and our domain.  And we didn’t lose a thing.  Our baby is healthy again and we have Marj to thank for it.  We are kinda in love with her.

It is hard to ever truly repay the person who brought your child back from the brink of death, but in that spirit:  If you EVER need web development services — especially with WordPress — YOU MUST USE VIRTUALLY MARJ.

With our new hosting provider and Virtually Marj by our side, there is nothing we can’t do.  Thank you for your patience and prayers during this difficult time.  And thank you to the Universe for Virtually Marj.

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