This summer when the boys were at camp Dave and I took the opportunity to clean house.  We went deep into closets and drawers, pulling out all sorts of crap that has seen better days.  And not all of it belonged to the kids.  We found petrified food and enough pocket change to go out to a really nice dinner some night.

So you can imagine my surprise when Dave presented me with one such find from the very back of the kitchen junk drawer – a real life artifact from a time long, long ago when I was in college.

He found my aviator Ray Ban sunglasses.  Circa 1990.

Alison and Me Penn Graduation 1990

It just so turns out that this style of sunglasses has had a major comeback this year. I have seen many a young folk sporting these puppies.  It is definitely what the cool kids are wearing.  And now… so am I.  Again.

Donning these shades brought me back to a time of other high fashion must haves.

The penny loafers with thick socks that match your sweater…

The neck wrap that resembles a bandage

The extra large, politically correct but admittedly unflattering Bennetton sweater…

The acid washed jeans

(In a commitment to protect the innocent I have refrained from posting this photo)

There are those people who insist that every fashion will come back around eventually but I have my doubts on whether some of these trends will re-appear.  Do I wish some of them would? Yes. Maybe. No. Absolutely not. (in order of above)  And while I don’t think I will ever wear acid/stone washed material or parachute pants again, I would welcome the return of leg warmers, Flash Dance ripped sweat shirts, and Le Sports Sacs.  These fashions worked for me.  But for now, I’ll enjoy being cool again with my new Ray Bans.

Circa 2010

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