Trouble, oh we got trouble

Right here in River City!

Well I don’t actually live in River City.  But I do live in one of the ten best small towns in the country according to Money Magazine.  But our status and way of life has been put in jeopardy with the revelation today that our local Wawa will be closing in just a few short days.  Oh the humanity!

For those who are not from Southeastern PA, let me explain.  Wawa is the Native American word for a Canadian goose that was found in the Delaware Valley years ago.  It is also the name of string of convenience stores that put all other convenience stores to shame.  I’m not sure why except to say that they have a really good deli, their milk and pastries are always fresh, and their coffee is always brewed hot in at least 5 different flavors.  Hooligans do not congregate at Wawas.  Perhaps the spirit of the Canadian geese keeps them away.  Thus, you don’t feel skuzzy or intimidated when you walk in or walk out.  I know this because I walk in and out of Wawa all the time.  It is my coffee shop, grocery store, bank, and meeting stop.  It is rare that I don’t see a neighbor in my Wawa because this particular convenience store is the only game in town. 

We don’t live in the Boonies mind you.  We are just a small town nestled in between a few larger towns and we have no corporate presence of any kind.  I can drive to a large supermarket, movie theater, good restaurants, etc. in less than ten minutes.  But our town itself has nothing but trees, houses, and sidewalks.  It’s really nice.  Once, Dave and I were talking about going into downtown Philadelphia.  Noah asked where our downtown was.  Neither of us skipped a beat, replying in unison, “The Wawa.” 

So yesterday word began to circulate that “Wawa corporate” was closing our little store because it was not as profitable as some others.  In its place would be some store called Pantry One, which as far as anyone can tell is a 7-11 knock off.  The community tension is palpable.  Emails are flying.  Facebook pages are being created.  It’s anarchy!  And the story is getting muddier by the minute.  Wawa denies that a decision has been made although people in the know beg to differ.  I think they want to sneak out in the dead of night to avoid crazy suburban people like myself looking for a political fight we can’t win.

So we are considering a protest – or should we say a show of support for our little Wawa branch.  I don’t think Wawa corporate could ask for better PR.  When have you heard of a community protesting the closing of a convenience store?  It speaks volumes for their quality.  I hope they reconsider. 

I’ll keep you updated because I know you will be able to tell your friends what a nut job I am and perhaps that will increase our readership care.  Jennifer (another Wawa fan) and I thank you for your support during this difficult time.  A happy weekend to you all! 

PS.  Happy birthday little bro’!!  Remember when I used to hold you down and spit on you?  That was fun.

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