On Sunday, MoB reader and neighbor extraordinaire Bill G. sent me this link to an article that explains how technology companies are coming around to the idea that women rule the world.  Well, that’s not exactly what it says; it actually focuses on the fact that wives and mothers are increasingly becoming the decision makers when it comes to purchasing technology products.  Therefore, technology companies are targeting marketing efforts differently.

Genius, right?  I’m just wondering what took them so long.

Based on years of academic research of buying patterns and behaviors my own personal experience, wives and mothers probably make 95 percent of all the purchasing decisions in a household in any given year.  Even in areas where men think they are making the decision, they aren’t really.  Fellas, if we are seemingly uninvolved, it is because we choose to be.  But make no mistake.  Our veto power is unmatched.  Why?  Because we can throw bigger hissy fits.  Am I right, ladies?  We really do control the universe.

If marketers were smart, they would stop selling to men altogether and just market to the wives who can fulfill or crush a man’s purchasing power in the blink of an eye.  Attention ad gurus:  The way to him is through her.  I’ve even created a few examples of ad campaigns to get you started.  Consider the following messages for products that are typically assumed to be bought by males.  Yet, think about the possibilities when turned upside down and marketed to us women:

Lawnmowers:  So much fun, you will never have to nag him again.

Sports Cars:  You are way too hot to ride shotgun in a mini-van.

Heavy Metal on iTunes:  If you buy it for him on iTunes, you don’t have to listen to it.

Home Theater System:  Don’t you deserve to see Patrick Dempsey’s hair in HD?

Power Tools:  The more he has, the fewer repeat trips per project to the Home Depot   

Golf Clubs:  Every time he plays, that’s six hours of free time you get in the bank!

Vacation Spots:  It’s here or the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Playboy Magazine:  Take the week off!  You deserve it.

Now all they have to do is throw these offers up on QVC or the Home Shopping Channel and they can laugh all the way to the bank.  Operators are standing by.

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