I for one am very tired of the word “cougar” to describe older woman who track down and pounce on younger men.  First of all, is there anything really wrong with that?  And second of all, is there an equivalent word for men who stalk and bag trophy wives?  “Horndog” isn’t quite specific enough.  “Donald Trump” is far too specific.

There does seem to be a canine-feline pattern here.   Apparently, men are actually from Pluto. 

Obviously, “cougar” is a catty catch-all for women over 40 who “still” try to look stylish and attractive.  It’s one of the themes in the new Sandra Bullock-Ryan Reynolds movie “The Proposal.”  And it’s the whole storyline of Sex and the City.  

This train of thought was inspired by a little news article about a mom in Canada who went into Mama Bear mode to save her three year old daughter from a cougar attack.  Being called a Cougar Mom is quite different from being called a cougar, and is a label the Canadian woman should wear with pride.

The child, who survived the attack without major injury, asked a good question later – “why didn’t the kitty play nice?”   The photo is obviously unstaged – I love the laundry basket and the bare feet of dad in view.

So, as we ponder the meaning of Cougar Women and Cougar Moms, I wish you all a great weekend.  And if anyone says yes to an invitation to see “I Do,” please let me know how it is.



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