As I watched the debate last night I kept asking myself: What is it about Sarah Palin that incites such vitriol in women? Among her own demographic (working Moms), she is probably one of the most hated people in this country.

Yet she is not a BAD person; and in any other situation, we may all really like Sarah. But I do not know a single intelligent female peer who has not spewed nasty stuff about this woman. People are talking about moving out of the country if the McCain / Palin ticket is victorious – and (hint, hint) it’s not because they don’t like John McCain.

The fact that working women, who have every reason to embrace one of their own, have turned against Palin suggests that she is WAY out of touch with what American women want and need.

I think Palin makes women look bad. We are embarrassed for her lack of intelligence and thoughtfulness on important policies, not unlike we have been embarrassed for George W. We don’t want the advancement of women to be associated with this one person. But I think the anger largely comes not from embarrassment for her but from fear of her. One of the CNN commentators framed it best when posing the following scenario: There is another terrorist attack on American soil and the President is in Air Force One flying around the country. The Vice President is in the underground situation room, making decisions about our security. Who do we want in that VP seat? Maybe someone who can pronounce the word “nuclear”?

I do think that this passionate dislike for Sarah Palin is driven further by the scary fact that some people actually think she’s great. Granted, I have not met any of these people. Polls suggest they exist but I don’t know a single one. But their collective percentages fascinate me. If everyone hated her from the get go and she didnt have a shot at getting elected, we may have a few kind words for her. But there is still a very good chance that she may win (along with that McCain guy). And like a mamma bear whose cubs are in danger, women get rather ferocious when their children’s future safety and security are at stake. In many people’s minds, Sarah Palin, if elected, is a threat to national security.

There were times last night that I was hoping she would prove me wrong. I found myself rooting for her. I desperately wanted her to impress me with something more than rhetoric so that I could stop worrying. But she didn’t. She couldn’t.

Do I think that any of my friends who have independently threatened to expatriate if Palin becomes VP will actually do so? Nope. But the fact that so many people have brought it up is astounding to me. Mostly because I thought it was my idea alone.

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