Those MoB readers who have been with us for a while might remember that in October, I committed publicly to getting in shape in my 40thyear.  At that time, my 11 pound Pug could pull me down a hill.  It wasn’t pretty.   Since then I have been training with Kevin Pasquay at KP Fitness three days each week.  Recently I stepped it up a bit and started running on the days when Kevin isn’t kicking my butt.  So last weekend I was pretty sore and decide to lay off the running and try a swim. 

When Dave (a.k.a. swimmer/surfer extraordinaire) swims, he does 50 laps or about 1250 meters.  I figured since I really haven’t swum a single lap since, uh, high school, I would try for 10.  That was easy enough, so I kept going and got to 20.  Then 30.  40.  50.  And I could have kept going.  So I took a little mental inventory.

  • I can run three miles without much effort.
  • I can bang out 30 strong push-ups without crippling myself.
  • I can ride 20 miles on a bike with minimal saddle soreness.
  • My heel problems have all but disappeared
  • I have reduced my body fat by 26% and dropped 10 pounds.

 By God, I think I might be in decent shape!  But still a work in progress.

Consider the following photos:

October 2008 vs. Last Night

beforein progress

And I swear I am not sucking it in!   So,  I do not mean to boast.  (Well maybe just a little bit because I have been working my butt off these last few months… and I feel proud… and I told L.K. that I would eventually post photos and I don’t think she believed me.)  And I realize I still have a ways to go.  But my point is this:  Feeling good about yourself is totally doable.  And it doesn’t take anything more than committing to it, which is not easy but far from impossible.  I work out at 9:00 p.m. at night and 8:00 a.m. on the weekends.  And I can’t think of a suckier time to haul your ass out of a warm house to push yourself physically.  But I kept with it – and it’s paying off.  Everything feels better, including my disposition. For those MoB readers who are considering a fitness plan, get started, plow ahead, take pictures, and get proud.  You won’t be sorry. (And if you want an introduction to Kevin, let me know.  He rocks.)

In that spirit, here is my next public commitment:  completing a sprint triathlon this summer.  And I’m not doing it just to paint that cool black number on my arm.  (I can do that at home any day of the week.)  It’s something to reach for and I’m always looking for the next stretch   If I can do the pieces separately today, it’s just a matter of putting it all together.  I recognize it sounds much easier than it is…but I think I’m worth a tri. 

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