In the epic war between parents and children, it is rare that you find a new weapon so effective that it surpasses all previous tactics, arsenals and strategic maneuvers.  Not only is it rare – but it is really a beautiful thing.  Because let’s face it, parents – even on a good day, we are losing the war.  Sure, we may think we have it all under control because we typically win the major battles and remain in the enviable position of picking and choosing the ones we fight.  But our children are secretly exhausting us, wearing us down over time in hopes that someday soon we can’t fight any more.  And then they will take over.

Their weapon of choice?  Utter disregard for our directives.  Case in point:  Chase has recently taken to wearing his winter coat indoors.  You know, the winter coat that I COULD NOT GET HIM TO WEAR IN 20 DEGREE WEATHER?  Yeah, that one.  He wears it now – outside AND inside.  Why?  Because it annoys me.  It makes me uncomfortable, especially when he wears it to the table to eat a meal.  I can not relax when it looks like my son is eating in an igloo.

It’s comfy, he says.

I tried to ignore him.  Then I get angry because the ignoring thing isn’t working.


He takes it off, even with a little smile.  I am sweating and angry.  Who would you say won that battle?

But yesterday morning, I found the silver bullet.  silver bullet

Chase comes down for breakfast in his PJ’s.  I pour him his bowl of high fiber, no sugar kibbleFroot Loops.  He puts on the parka and sits down.  I stare at him.  He stares back.

What?  he says.

Cue divine intervention.

Oh nothing, I say,  I was just thinking what a great blog post your jacket-wearing eating habit would make.  Don’t move!  I’ll grab my camera.

Victory.  One issue down.  Permanently.  Only several thousand to go.

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