Those MoB readers following me on Twitter or friends of mine on Facebook know that this past Sunday kicked off a second season of Delco Idol Jr. for us.  This local singing contest has Noah is competing alongside 40 other kids for the right to drive their mothers to drink perform over a five week period.  Each week, 5 children are eliminated until the final week when the last 20 compete for a Top 5 spot and an ultimate winner.  Last year, Noah made it through all five weeks and finished out in the Top 15.  I chronicled his performances here, here, and  here.

I was a little obsessed.  And more than a little proud.

Not much has changed in that regard from last year.  Here he is in his first week’s performance which earned him the right to move on to Round 2.

I think Noah is adorable…..

I think he sings with heart….

I think he did this song justice….

I’ve also heard him sing it better…..

Uh….wait. Did you just read what you think you read? Is this really Noah’s Mom typing these words that are not 100 percent supportive? Because last year, she was unconditionally positive.

Yes, it is me, struggling with another new reality of parenting growing children. When do you stop telling them they are perfect? Because no one is and presumably this is a lesson we all must learn someday. How do we teach this reality to them without sounding like one of the psycho-paths beauty pageant moms from Toddlers & Tiaras?

To be clear, I think he was great, which makes any criticism that much harder. But having heard him sing this song before, I know there were spots where he didn’t quite hit the mark. And in the words of the illustrious Simon Cowell (in smug British accent), this IS, after all a SINGING competition. And some of his competition is outstanding.

So do I stay silent and just clap as loud as I can… or do I offer some heartfelt advice from someone who has no business giving anyone singing pointers?

The latter of course. Because it is my God-given right to screw up my kid before anyone else has the chance. (I still clapped as loud as I could.)

So as Noah was rehearsing this week’s song, I offered the following constructive criticism, straight from the heart with the requisite curse word to add to my credibility:

“Noah, I know you can ‘sing the shit’ out of this song — so you really have to bring it. Last week there were some parts that you rushed through when you could have really hit an awesome note. So do that this week, ok?”

“Ok, Mom.   And maybe if I make it through to the finals, I’ll do American Pie again because I really want to sing it right.”

He went on to ‘sing the shit’ out of Drift Away for me. And I’m sure he is going to nail it on Sunday.  My role as a music critic was validated, although for the remainder of the competition, I think I will let the cards fall where they may without any help from me, all the while clapping as loud as I can.

Delco Idol Jr. is on Sundays at 7:00 p.m. at the Media Theater. Join us this week! Or you can vote for Noah here ($2 per vote).
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